Never Giving Up

After finishing my AP book, A Lesson Before Dying, I've spent the twenty minutes during independent reading time to read other books and also keeping up with the extra ten to fifteen minutes reading at home. I've been reading less than I was before, so I am trying to bring my reading rate back up. It took me about 3 weeks to finish my AP book and now I am nearly finished with my third book, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I was planning on reading another nonfiction book, but I chose this book because I bought it when it first published, but never got to read it so it has been sitting on top of my bookshelf for a while now. I also really like the author John Green because all of his books are relatable and his books are written in a unique way. Even though I am a bit late with reading The Fault in Our Stars, Iwill be blogging about this book today.
The Fault in Our Stars is a romantic, yet sad story between a girl named Hazel that was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and a g…

Achievements and Desires

One of my goals to start off this year is to read more nonfiction books and to read at least 30 minutes everyday and a minimum of 150 pages per week. So far, I read for about 25 minutes a day and about 75 pages a week. As my primary goals, I would like to read more nonfiction books because I always liked to choose the easy route and read only fiction books, I wish that I could go harder on myself and read more difficult books. I always choose fiction books because nonfiction books for some reason is harder for me to comprehend and read. Also, another reason why I want to read more nonfiction is because when I read my nonfiction book for the first nine weeks, I actually really enjoyed reading it. Since I enjoyed reading my first nonfiction book, I hope to read more enjoyable nonfiction books.
The book that I am going to blog about today is my AP book that I chose to read, A Lesson Before Dying.  I haven't gotten far into the book, but I can tell you a few parts that I read. A man n…

My Life Around Books

Hi. My name is Jennie Park and I am a sophomore at Hebron High School. Reading is not something that I dread doing, but it also isn't one of my favorites. To me, reading feels like a mini roadtrip. I say this because during road trips, it feels like forever to get to your destination and you get tired during the trip. When I read, I take a while to finish a book and sometimes get drowsy. However, of the many books that I read, my favorite series would be The Witch and the Wizard by James Patterson and coincidentally, James Patterson happens to be one of my favorite authors. For me, I would rather be out and active instead of sitting down and reading because it tends to make me bored or tired. I am also more of a visual person, so rather than reading, I am the type that prefers watching movies.
My goal this year is to read 7 books. Using the 20 minutes of independent reading time at school and about 10 to 15 minutes at home, I have read 5 books so far. The AP book that I have chose…